Ludum Dare 32: An Unconventional Weapon

Another Ludum Dare is over and it’s time to start voting for games and evaluating the process of making our own games.

When the theme was announced I had my mind set, I knew what I was going to do. About 10 hours in, the game started to change shape and become something else than originally planned.

The Original Idea

I wanted to make a top down top down arena battle game with crazy weapons such as shark cannons, guitars, hot coffee and so on. I also wanted traps and interactive object inside the arena.

The Final Product

I’ve created a game with three weapons. The flaming cat cannon, the sex craved bunny launcher and the chicken egg launcher. It’s basically a zombie survival horror with ridiculous weapons and sound effects (etc: savage faping when a sex craved bunny is launched).

How The Development Side Went

I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to finish this so I didn’t sleep for almost 34 hours which wasn’t a great idea. Yeah I got most things I wanted to get done, but is it clean and reusable? NO. After 24 hours just staring at a computer coding and modelling ,my productivity and coding went downhill and when I say down hill I really mean it. I was so desperate to get this done I threw some public variables here and there and changed them almost everywhere, just make one object work. Then I would have to go back and change them because they were conflicting with something else, just making it all one big mess of code, I literally have no comments anywhere. If I wanted to complete this I would most defiantly need to start over with code and do it the correct way.

Although my code reusability and cleanliness was bad I feel my modelling and animations are quite decent as I really haven’t done it much before. I’m quite happy with the graphical side of things compared to code side. Don’t get me wrong though, i’m still proud I made something within 72 hours which you could some what call a “game”.

What’s Next?

Well now over the next twenty or so days I’m going to use the results, comments and play stats to determine whether I should complete this game. Maybe add a few things in like:

  • multiplayer
  • more weapons, maps
  • goals and achievements

But for now I’m going to continue developing I Am Technician as it has developed quite a large audience who seem interested in it being fully developed.

Now it’s time to play and vote some games!

Vote For The Game Here


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