Turn-Right’s First Website Review

Turn-Right has finally been reviewed on App Picker. This is really exciting news as this could potentially create a wider audience!
Check it out here!


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2 thoughts on “Turn-Right’s First Website Review”

  1. hey! o/

    you know that you dont have any e-mail’s for “player feedback” right?
    Any way – I just want to say that I liked the game (prototype) “i am technician”
    its cool and feels good

    i just want more “fluid” (simpler \ little automatic) controls..
    and some gameplay challenge
    for example it can be different broken parts of PC
    and different number of broken parts
    (it can be different difficulty of game – or it can grow)
    also can be cool to check working status of parts on monitor

    i think you get idea – i mean not “how you must improve it” but
    your prototype is good – i like it – i get some fun minites – Thanks : ]
    and goodluck with future experiments \ games \ prototypes \ etc


    1. Thanks for the advice, to be honest I have a massive list on my wall on what I want to add and fix and controls is at the very top I may of already fixed them. But the development seems to be quite slow. I do however want to make this a full game by the end of the year.


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